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Escrito por Bachler #1 desde ( el día domingo, 22 de febrero, 2004 a las 11:37:51 horas :

This was our 4th trip to Zihua. On all of our previous trips we traveled to some of the smaller towns in the area. This year we just wanted to lay on the beach and relax. Thatís just what we did. We booked Casa Rosa again as we did last year. We love this little house on the hill at the far end of La Roppa . There are pics of Casa Rosa in our 2003 album. Upon landing, the heat & the humidity reminded us of why we sneak away from the cold Wisconsin winter to spend a week in paradise. We got a taxi from the airport to La Perla on La Roppa beach to get the keys from Francisco & have a cervesa to relax. A couple of beers turned into many margaritas and tuna steaks. Sunday we went over to Las Gatas to spend the day and touch base with Amado about fishing with him on Tuesday. Amadoís is at the far end of the beach. Great food and cold beers made for a nice afternoon. Monday morning we went into town to cash some travelerís checks and do some shopping. Stopped in to Banditoís for a couple of beers then it was back to La Roppa for the afternoon. We stopped in at La Perla later in the evening for tequila and cervases. We met a couple of women from Minnesota, Dee and Janet. We soon became friends with these two and their friend Wallace from Toledo. It was Janetís birthday so we helped her celebrate in prime style. Tuesday was fishing with Amado day so we got up early and headed to the pier. We had made arrangements for a taxi to meet us at Casa Don Francisco. Itís a very nice place just down from Casa Rosa. We were the first ones on the pier. Amado was right on time and we were the first boat out of the bay. Amado set the lines while I kept the compass heading in search of tuna. The tuna werenít in the mood but we had a great time chasing a huge school of porpoises. Tuna will sometime school with the porpoises, but not today. Amado is a great captain and a real pleasure to fish with. His boat the Burbuja is a little longer and wider than a regular panga, and with the new 100 hp 4 stroke Yamaha itís a fishing machine. We went out almost 50 miles but with the full moon and the abundance of small squid at the surface at night the tuna were full and lazy. On the way back in I hooked up with a very nice sailfish. After a 30-minute fight we released him to fight again. Most of the rest of the days were spent being lazy on La Roppa. We went for a tour of casa Don Francisco, the new hotel that the Ibarra family has built at the far end of La Roppa. It is a truly awesome building with a breathtaking view of the beach. Friday night we got together with Dee, Janet and Wallace and went to Anyís Tamales for dinner. After we ate an incredible meal we went to Rickís Bar for the Friday night jam. It was a great way to spend our last night in paradise. Weíll be back again next year. Check the link below for some new picís.

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