Selling (Out) Zihuatanejo's Future

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Posted by ZihuaRob from ( on martes, enero 27, 2004 at 12:29:43 :

The fate of an area previously declared an ecological zone in Zihuatanejo, known as Cerro Del Vigía, will also determine the fate of Zihuatanejo. This is the hill at the end of Playa la Ropa that has remained for the most part undeveloped and is a major part of what makes the view of Zihuatanejo so beautiful. Now imagine 17.4 hectares of the top of that hill crowned by over 300 "family dwellings". Get the picture? It spells the end of most of what has made Zihuatanejo attractive as a vacation destination for the people who have repeatedly visited here.

There is currently a temporary restraining order to prevent development, imposed AFTER the ecocide had already been committed, and brought to court not by the "responsible authorities" but instead by local citizens. Nevertheless, a simple "gift" to the right influential person or group will undoubtedly "fix" that problem and development will most inevitably continue, unless a miracle occurs and we see a reversal of recent disturbing trends in the use of Zihuatanejo's land, especially its hilltops which were all previously declared "ecological zones"...

I won't be holding my breath.

Local ecological NGO's (most of whom unfortunately are identified with a political party) are supposedly doing what they can to block this development, but like Mexico's National Human Rights Commission, their voices are merely tolerated for appearence's sake and "responsible authorities" make soothing noises to appear to appease them, but they are impotent to enforce their recommendations.

The development of Cerro Del Vigía, like the Intrawest development next to the Sotavento, should never have been allowed to happen and only reinforce the growing general public opinion that no matter which political party is in office, things remain the same and the "responsible authorities" are only interested in their personal fortunes. Whether or not this is fact is irrelevant in the true world of politics, only the fact that it is popular public perception is relevant. (So much for an "enlightened electorate"!)

Zihuatanejo's future is beginning to look bleak for the people who were born here or who have moved here because they love its natural beauty as well as for visitors who seek this type of natural beauty (whether first-timers or repeat visitors), and for whom such development is a rude slap in the face. I guess all of our money and taxes aren't good enough for the people in charge of planning and administering Zihuatanejo's future. They seem to have a different clientele in mind altogether.

Enjoy it while you can,


"...they pave Paradise and put up a parking lot..." :~(

If you read Spanish here is some interesting background on the subject. Use your SEARCH feature (Ctrl F) for the word "vigía" (don't forget the accent) to help you find the right articles.

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