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Posted by KATHIE from ( on lunes, septiembre 22, 2003 at 15:02:33 :

Friday 9/5/03

I donít know if there were stars in the sky last night or not, because I drank way too much Tequila. Some guy in Commercial Mexicana helped me pick out a bottle of Tequila that he said was real smooth. I guess it was a little too smooth for my own good. After Ron and I took a late night stroll on La Ropa beach, I passed out.

I think today is the most beautiful day yet. No clouds in the sky at all. Just loads of sunshine and miles of blue water. We spent most of the day on La Ropa beach. We let the waves lick at our feet as we strolled along. Ron said he wanted to eat at a familiar restaurant, so we ate at Dona Prudencia again. Ron wanted to kill a bee with my fan. I told him, no way. He frowned, but the bee went away, so all was well. Briefly anyway. Breakfast for two was 160 pesos.

We spent the day kicking back in the shade, walking along the beach, and people watching. Some rented boogie boards, some parasailed, and one girl water-skied. She kept falling until she finally got the hang of it.

I was trying to muster up enough nerve to take a banana boat ride, so I thought Iíd watch for awhile to see how they operated. I was almost convinced as we watched four people get on one of the banana boats. The guy on the boat that pulled them threw the line to another guy who swam out to the boat. He connected the line to the banana boat (its actually a big yellow plastic raft) and they were pulled out into the water and we watched as they were pulled around Madera beach, and Municipal beach, then over by Las Gatas, and finally back around to La Ropa. I thought that really looks like fun. After their ride, two guys swam out to assist the foursome back to shore, but before they got to them, the banana boat was hit by a huge wave and overturned. The four passengers were suddenly plunged into the ocean. Another big wave hit them. I heard one of them coughing. They were all trying to get out of the water before more waves hit them. You can probably guess what my final banana boat ride decision was.

I bought a couple of ankle bracelets and toe rings from a guy selling silver out of a briefcase. Ron was checking out the thick necklaces that looked like they weighed 20 lbs. each. I told Ron I didnít think he should be Ďbling blingingí unless he was sure it was real silver. He shouldnít be bling blinging anyway. I also bought a few pearl and bead necklaces from vendors while at Las Gatas and at Barra de Potosi. What amazes me is how the women selling the jewelry can custom make something for you right there in a matter of minutes. For example if they have a necklace you like, but not a bracelet, they will take another necklace apart and make a bracelet for you. I thought that was pretty kool.

We passed that lagoon where the crocodile(s) live, but didnít see any, which is just as well. I steered clear, Ron walked right up to it. I did take a picture of the warning sign, from a safe distance of course. We saw a poor little bird that broke its foot. In fact its foot was turned around backwards. The injured bird was still hopping around near the water looking for food. I tried to approach it because I wanted to help, but it hoped away from me, and I didnít want it to further injure itself by trying to get away from me, so I left it alone. I wondered if I should have told someone in one of the businesses, and if they could have helped the poor creature.

Three guitarists serenaded Ron and I with the Zihuatanejo song, right there on the beach. It is such a beautiful, romantic song, and it made my day. Even Ron smiled, and I think it took his mind off bugs until Ron discovered the sand ants. He stomped the sand for awhile, but gave up on it. I got more bites. Some really creative bugs found some unbitten skin on my feet. Amazing! My legs are now polka dotted. Ron said he thinks that the bug repellant is attracting them to me (ha, ha, ha). I think its part of Murphyís fight strategy.

I have a nice surprise for Ron this evening, being our last night here in paradise. Luis Valle was nice enough to make reservations for us at Kau Kan. And since there are no rain clouds brewing around out there yet, and itís almost 4:00 p.m., we may have a beautiful sunset to boot. Iím so excited!

I have to make a note here: Luis Valleís property is fantastic. Our villa has an utterly incredible view of the bay. Every morning I stand there in our open air living area and just stare. Luis and his staff are incredible hosts. Carlos is always very helpful. When we arrived, Carlos was waiting at the gate for us. I donít know how long he waited, because we missed our first connecting flight. He grabbed our luggage before we could even ask him and carried it up to the top, villa #9, and he hailed a cab for us when we left. Not to mention that when we arrived, Ron was calling Carlos every five minutes to ask him about this and ask about that. But Carlos always had a smile on his face and was always very gracious.

All of the staff were helpful, whether they spoke English or not. The maid made pretty designs with the towels, and artistically laid flowers on the bed and on the floor in the bathroom each day. She even did our laundry! I asked Luis where I could wash my clothes, and he took care of it for me. He really went out of his way to treat us good. Everything was great. There are always taxis driving by because there is a taxi stand right down the street. You need only to walk out the gate. If you want the bus, a bus stop is only a few feet away from the gate. Villas San Sebastian is located right above Villa del Sol just above Playa La Ropa beach. I canít recommend Villas San Sebastian enough!

Hey Murphy, I won another round!

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