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Posted by melanie a from ( on lunes, septiembre 22, 2003 at 12:51:00 :

Last year, my husband and I decided to celebrate our first anniversary together in Mexico ...WITH all our friends & family who didn't witness our marriage.

After doing weeks of research on the internet we narrowed down our options and happily chose to stay with Laura & Noyo at Casa Del Encanto in La Barra De Potosi (about 1/2 hr from Zihuatanejo). Based on Laura’s responses via email with a wealth of information (including a couple of phone calls), I knew this was going to be THE PLACE.

I hope you’ll forgive the lengthy descr1ption below, but for anyone interested in visiting this paradise… you may be interested in reading on to get a sense of our great experience!

Needless to say, the anticipation of the trip built between the months that we started planning and the date we stepped off the plane. First memories were the winding drive through coconut plantations, down country roads, past locals... getting closer all the time to the ocean. I wasn't entirely prepared for the great heat and humidity, but after a short taxi ride out to La Barra De Potosi, we were greeted by smiling Laura in her bright colored sarong and strings of blue and green beads. She offered us cool glasses of cantelope juice! We set our bags down and wholeheartedly agreed. I was immediately struck by the colorful house & terraces, orange, red, blue (all the colors I'd associated with coastal Mexico). Many hidden treasures, sounds, lie in this little oasis that I hesitate tell for fear of spoiling the suprise. A true gem that must be experienced!

Instantly, at home with the surroundings and with Laura & Noyo, we got a tour of Casa Del Encanto. Every room had its own individual charm & theme (private terraces, hammocks, etc.) We eventually resided in the "Red Room" downstairs close to all the daily comings and goings. And there WAS daily activity! Local little kids would walk by calling for Laura in hopes of a visit ..roosters crowing, breakfasts being made... (I have to say, one of the biggest treats was waking up every morning to the smell of fresh coffee and papaya wafting into my bedroom). I know I laz’yed around every morning in my hammock, coffee in hand, for who knows how long... until my stomach started growling, I guess.

When ready for some adventures, Laura was quick to give us all kinds of suggestions -- both in La Barra and the surrounding areas. We got descr1ptions of restaurants on the beach, how to get into town via the local trucks & bus (las Fleches y la Pasajeras ?) and who to get a snack from in the evening if we got hungry. Not only did my Spanish grow by leaps and bounds within the 10 days of being there, I also got a sense of the culture and goings-on in this little place of the world.

The whole purpose for our vacation was still being anticipated –- to celebrate our wedding/anniversary with friends and family. It happened one Saturday afternoon and carried on into the evening. There was talk of possible rain a few days in advance. (We traveled during the rainy or "green" season, but not at all a deterent in my opinion --- the quick warm rains were welcome after hot days) Anyhow, Laura & Noyo went to great lengths making sure all would be comfortable. Throughout the day, Noyo was glued to his ‘chiminea’ creating tasty recipes for dinner that evening. My father in-law remarked that the mole was the best he’d ever tried. It seemed like we tasted every kind of spice, pepper, and fruit. Even though Laura & I discussed the details long before we arrived, it all far surpassed my expectations. The festivities –local musicians (which Laura helped arrange), excellent home cooked food, even a wedding cake from a local bakery- were all outstanding. I can’t forget the attentiveness that shown for every detail making the evening appear seemless. Laura & Noyo have a special gift for entertaining and making all who surround them feel comfortable, happy, and at ease.

My husband and I enjoyed such a unique, memorable stay at Casa Del Encanto. No doubt, it was because of Laura & Noyo’s love for what they do! I can highly recommend their Bed & Breakfast to anyone who’s considering a vacation to Zihuatanejo or La Barra De Potosi.

Many thanks again Laura & Noyo!
Melanie Allred

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