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Posted by onomataho from ( on viernes, julio 04, 2003 at 03:56:23 :

In Reply to: Just returned from Troncones - thank god posted by Josh from ( on miércoles, julio 02, 2003 at 22:14:21 :

My first trip to Mexico (in 1978) I blew out the drive train to my '64 Malibu trying to get to a good surf spot south of San Vicente in Baja...we limped back to San Diego with a $1 bottle of Kalua and fond memories of the sun setting in the Pacific at the exact same moment the full moon was rising over the desert.

...another trip ('84), I woke up to a tropical storm south of Tulum which left about three feet of sand plastered up against my bungalow door and a cockroach swimming in the beer I was drinking when I fell asleeep...but the fish we speared the next day sure tasted good over an open fire, especially with all the fresh limes we could squeeze all over each other.

Then there was the time in Playa del Carmen ('86) when the Federales took a particularly keen interest in our dive gear while we were sleeping on the beach after a long night of revelry and a great morning in the water. Fortunately, sand has a way of hiding things when needed.

Walking down that lumpy dusty road talking to the burros beats dodging SUVs on the Evergreen Bridge any day of the week, at least from my perspective. My favorite thing to do in Troncones is to try to get the burros to pay attention to me. They are very aloof those Troncones burros...must be the fact that they are basically retired and living in one of the very choice spots on earth.

I have never seen, or rather, felt a sunset like I have in Troncones...the many colors melt into the ocean on a nightly basis without any regrets. The krewe I met last winter at Raqueros greeted every sunset with a sigh...we all knew we had one less day there.

Travel karma is an interesting phenomenom...we don't always reap what we sow...more often we just end up with what we get...mostly the good with a little of the bad. As with much of life, too many expectations can get one in a pickle.

I guess there is always the choice to stay home and dream...but, then I'd miss the burros and the geckos.

Josh, hope your next trip is a breeze.


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