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Posted by Karen in Eugene from ( on jueves, abril 10, 2003 at 17:53:55 :

In Reply to: Trip report, Day 4 posted by Bob in Eugene from (?) on jueves, abril 10, 2003 at 12:55:54 :

Tasted Bob’s chilaquiles at Paty’s and I second the “excellent” review. I’m going to order them here next time. One tip: they’re on the menu with salsa guajillo, which Chris and his dad sampled on a dinner entrée here before our arrival. The salsa was VERY HOT and even Vick, who loves hot spicy, was unable to handle it. The salsa verde was mildly spicy, a much better choice. And, yes, seeing those whales breaching and spouting out beyond the bay was very exciting. Glad we had the binos. Well, actually, I had to run back to the room and get them, but the room was only 50 feet away! Remember close proximity. A couple of years ago at Barra de Potosi, some members of our group (neither me nor Bob who remained behind with everyone’s “stuff”) went on a horseback ride and were treated to the unexpected sight of whales performing just offshore. I’ve been jealous ever since. We’ll definitely need to return so that Bob, too, can have the experience. Any excuse! The Academy Awards were not everyone’s first choice, but postres, helados, and beverages made the viewing acceptable. I was aware of George’s absence as I remembered the different combinations of our group that posed for photos with the Bandido and George in front of the restaurant last year. Then there was that surprise upon our return to the Catalina when I heard Anya’s voice on the stairs below us, “Jorge!” And, as we visited in the darkened Sunset Bar, those wonderful flashes at the crests of intermittant waves, shooting like an aquamarine blue neon tube from right to left down the beach. Paradise.! Hasta pronto!

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