Trip Report, Part 1

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Posted by buck from ( on viernes, marzo 07, 2003 at 19:51:59 :

Since so many here have been so kind and sharing I thought I'd try and share our experiences this year.

We had been to Ixtapa 3 times before, always enjoyed our excursions to Zihua, so decided that was our next destination. To cut to the chase, we couldn't go when we wanted, but a friend we travel w/ found a deal for a week at the Irma, so we booked it to leave the following Fri, Feb. 21.

Day 1, Fri., Feb.21
We flew out of Milwaukee instead of O'Hare, which is a little closer. Nice airport compared to the hassles at O'Hare. Flight is at 6 am. Did a park and fly at the nearby Clarion, worked out very nice.

We have no tickets, as we booked last minute, supposed to get them at the check-in counter. Do NOT trust airline employees to know what they are doing. When we go to board the plane all we had were boarding passes. We were told we couldn't get back, needed the return tickets. Now I would have been happy not to come back, but...

Turns out they had our tickets and threw them away, thinking they were duplicates. We wait for new tickets to be printed, it's take-off time, we finally get them and board last...finally off to Paradise!

Arrive in Mexico and step out into the beautiful air, so warm and moist compared to IL. Our friends we travel w/ had arranged for his parents to pick us up, that was nice. His folks have been going down there for over 20 years. If you don't know someone like that, it is well worth it to make acquaintance w/ someone. The info they can share is a blessing.

Off to the Irma. Supposed to have adjoining rooms, of course we are on separate floors and can't check in till 2:30. Get the rooms squared away, leave luggage in the office and we are off to Z.

Our friends had been there earlier this year, we take the road route down to the beach and the walkway to town. Walk some enjoying Z again and decide to eat at the New Zealander. Have been there before, it's very clean and the food is good.

Well, still time to kill so we go to Rick's. Heck, it's our first day, so we order 2 shakers of Marg's for the 4 of us. Very good, his are amongst the best. So when Rick comes back, w/ little debate we order 2 more. Mmmmm, it doesn't get much better than this!

OK, time to head back to the Irma. Walk down to the bay and head for the walkway back. It's getting hot...OK, we stop and get drinks for the stroll home.

We can get in our rooms, staff eagerly takes our luggage up. The room is fine, a/c is rather noisy and sounds like it will die any moment, but hey, it's there. View of Z and the bay from our balcony is fantastic!

We meet at the pool for Happy Hour, like we need it (first day remember?). Marg's here are terrible. Friends go to take a nap (which lasts till morning) we go down to MJ and Ritchie's for a bite. Food was good, waitress was very nice.

We had back and J decides to crash, I am wound and stay up reading. After a while I decide to head down to Casa de Viejo, just a couple of blocks away and one of our favorite restaurants. Have the excellent sailfish pate (please, I'm weak when it comes to this, no lectures) and a very good marg. Back to the room, end of day one.

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