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En respuesta a: Re: catalina escrito por Bob in Eugene desde (?) el día martes, 21 de junio, 2005 a las 18:59:39 horas :

We stayed there for one week in May and I truly loved it - it was the most relaxing vacation I ever had and largley because of the ambience of Catalina.
I can't answer all of your questions (we didn't drink much there so I can't remember pricesof drinks), but we stayed in a deluxe bungalow. It was the off season so for every 3 nights we got one night free. I asked for keys so I coud go look at the other rooms, and I would definitly pay the extra for the bungalow. We were in room 40 which I LOVED - it was pretty close to the bar however, and it was very QUIET while we were there, but if you are going in high season, you might want one further down the hall (same level though)as I don't know if the bar gets noisy there. It was very quiet while we were there. THere was a fridge in the room - the room was very large and the balony was huge. PART of the balcony is private (at least the room we stayed in), and then there is an opening where you can walk out onto a HUGE open balcony (we never saw a person out there). The private balcony was very, very nice. There were no tv's (we loved that part) but we did have air conditioning. They are building some newer bunaglows and some people we met stayed in one that was brand new. They were very nice as well, all new and they DID have a tv and private balcony. Personally, I liked the older deluxe bungalow better - it has more character.
We had no problems security-wise. We did not leave valuables in our room - they had a safe up in the office. They were in the process of installing in-room safes while we were there so they may be in place.
The casitas are down lower, but they seemed darker and smaller to me.

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