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Escrito por MexMac desde ( el día jueves, 09 de junio, 2005 a las 19:00:47 horas :

Just got back from the first visit to the area and wanted to let everyone know how it went. Took the direct flight from San Francisco to Zihua -- thank you Alaska Airlines. The Saturday morning flight was not crowded and stretched out. Got to Zihua and hit the ATM to pay the overpriced Taxi charges (should have walked out the gates). We stayed at Villa Guadalupe the first night. It is between Madera and La Ropa. Nice little rooms, AC, beautiful views and Ana and Luis rock!!! Thanks again. We splurged on the Kau Kan (sp?) that night. Amazing food, amzing service, amazing view. Pricey, but worth it.

Second day we hoofed it up to Troncones. Kinda got ripped off on the Taxi (300 pesos), but it is a long ride. The beach was a little shrunken and the oceans kind of ruff this time of year, but still nice. The first night we stayed at La Posado de los Raqueros. There is a great couple house sitting for the next few months while the owners are away. They were very nice and the accomodations were pretty good.

The next night we stayed at the Inn at Manzinillo Bay. There was construction next door starting early that we did not know about, but when we told Mike (the owner), he did his best to move us away from the construction and noise. He was very accomodating. The rooms are nice and the pool is beautiful. The Inn's restaurant is a little pricey, but the Mexican food on the menu is very good.

Only thing about Troncones is that there are a lot of gringos (as in a lot a lot). There were a lot of gringo tourists (us also), as well as gringos owning most of the property -- at least near the beach. Don't get me wrong, everyone was amazingly nice, just surprised at the ratios.

One note, there is a little Mexican restaurant, right after the T, right in front of the bridge on the side of the road away from the beach. The food was great and it was cheap! Go there.

Dewey was nice enough to show us around town. He was a really nice guy and it was an absolute pleasure to see the town with him. A real wealth of knowledgeIf you get the chance, look him up.

We also checked out Saladita. Surfed it on Tuesday. The waves were great. We are beginners and there was plenty to play with on the inside. I recommend you bring aquasocks as the rocks near the point are a bit of a pain to walk on. If you try to go in to far off the point the current will keep pushing you away (at least if you are newbies like ourselves).

We had snacks at the restaurant near the point. The food was ok, but we heard that those further from the point were a little better. Plus, when we headed back to Zihua that night we were both ill (right at the start of dinner). I don't know if it was the food in Saladita or too much ocean water, but the throats were on fire and the upset stomache was on its way. We grabbed some amoxicillan asap and managed the headoff the worst of it.

Played on La Ropa on Wed. day. By far the best beach in the area that we visited (unless you are surfing). All in all a great trip. Bummed to be home.

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