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Escrito por Kevin in Marin desde ( el día martes, 24 de mayo, 2005 a las 18:56:24 horas :

OK then here we go…I returned Sunday from my most recent visit to Z, having been several times before. The interesting thing is that this is the first time I have visited outside of peak tourist season (end of April through December 20 according to travel agents). Turns out there is more than the weather that changes during off-season. My observations…

First I already mentioned the time-sharks getting worse in Ixtapa. Shame about that. My girlfriend has never been to Mexico before and this was her only unfavorable experience of the trip. Funny thing is you might expect that off-season they wouldn’t be so plentiful having fewer targets to chase. But perhaps that is why they were so aggressive – every target counts.

The weather was great. A bit more muggy than I am used to there but not objectionable. Wind was a bit more frantic but not objectionable. No rain yet, and that would have been nice. I may make a point to visit during peak rainy season sometime.

The surf was dramatically more intense than I am used to. Even at Barra de Patosi there was a significant surf. Now I live in Northern California so I’m not saying these were monster waves, just that they were much bigger than what I normally experience when visiting. My first night the Radisson had two black flags flying, which I think means all life on the planet is doomed. Or something like that…

No people. Man it was quiet! At least in the traditional tourist locat1ons. I always visit the Centro district in Z and grab a bite next to a table of dead chickens and fresh fruit. This is for locals and it was as busy as ever. But the tourist areas, all beaches, flea markets and so forth were sure quiet. Streets empty so I could wander in the street back and forth between the shops.

And having so few tourists I noticed the tourist support was slower. This has its good and bad points. Fewer taxis. Way fewer pangas. Fewer waiters. Some services just not available at all. Not rally a big deal because it just meant I had to wait maybe ten minutes to catch a panga instead of having three waiting for me like usual. Nice thing is there were so few people that the pace was slower, less hectic.

Petatlan seemed about the same, but it is primarily locals and folk from the mountains, so that makes sense.

Isla Ixtapa was as busy as ever though. The only difference I noticed was there were no RVs camped along the shore. Boy the new pier project is sure making loading onto the panga a fun experience! They just drag it up to the beach rocking and rolling in the surf. You say a couple of hail Mary’s and try to climb in. But once on the island it was about as crowded as always.

Prices overall were no lower due to off-season. Exchange rate was the same, and product costs were the same. My hotel and airfare were the same.

So I think what it may get down to is you have your choice of what suits you best, because there are two versions of the same wonderful place, and you get to choose which works for you. I did kind of miss the buzz of a lot of people in some situations, like strolling around at night. But I did also much enjoy the peace of having Las Gatas almost to myself.

Of course once rains start that is a world I haven’t tied (there anyway) and so maybe there are three choices.

At any rate one thing is certain, it is still one heck of a wonderful place and anybody who does not cherish it needs to go stay at Cabo and send me a postcard – address it to me in Z!

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