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Escrito por Lisa desde ( el día martes, 22 de febrero, 2005 a las 10:37:07 horas :

Before I start...I know that there are big fans of the Pacifico Dorado, however, what I have to say is my personal experience.
This was our third trip to Ixtapa and having stayed the two times before at the Krystal, we wanted to try someplace new so we chose the Dorado Pacifico.When making our reservation we requested a non smoking room due to allergies and a king bed...we received neither when we checked in and they could have cared less including the desk manager, when explaining the importance to us for a non smoking room. Not a good start. He said to check back tomorrow... We go to check out our rooms and were shocked to find out how small the room as well as the balcony was! We change into our suits and head to the pool. Was not impressed here either. The pool was not clean and the service very slow. We ordered a couple of beers from a waiter and waited 20 minutes...still no beer. We go to the swim up bar and order them there. Took a walk on the beach and stopped for a massage by Carlos and Charles...WONDERFUL and so relaxing. Headed back to the hotel and stopped at the desk to inquire about a junior suite...plenty available tomorrow come back at 9:00 am. We go to our room to shower and get ready for dinner...we noticed our room was not so cool so we call the desk to see if we could get it checked, they would send someone right up. Take shower and start blowdrying hair and the electricity in our entire room goes out! Call desk again and reminded them we had called and needed someone now! Ended up having to have the whole ac unit replaced. While waiting tried to watch tv, maybe 1 english speaking channel....geeeesh! Finally made it to dinner at Beccofinos at the Marina.....DELICIOUS!
In the morning checked back at the front desk at 9:00....take a guess. No junior suites available. Check back tomorrow. Don't believe so. At this point we had had enough fun with the Dorado Pacifico and checked out. Again, no "I'm Sorry",nothing! They could have cared less. So, we went next door and checked in at the Krystal! Our experience here cannot compare. Very nice people at the front desk and we received a nice room on the tenth floor with a gorgeous view. The room and balcony was much bigger and the room was very clean. Changed into our suits and went to the pool. The new pool is WONDERFUL and so pretty. Found some chairs and within 5 minutes had a beer in my hand, now thats what I call service! It was like that the rest of our stay. The super nachos, chicken tacos and guacamole at the snack bar are not to be missed :) We thoroughly enjoyed the rest of our stay! We chose to eat at Villa De La Seva and Kau Kan for our special nights out and they didn't dissapoint! Such pretty views and good food.
We really hated to leave, the weather was beautiful every day and our adventures to Las Gatas Beach and Deep Sea fishing were great!
The End :)

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