Barcelo Ixtapa

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Escrito por Don desde ( el día lunes, 21 de febrero, 2005 a las 21:57:00 horas :

Stayed at the Barcelo last month for a week & had a great time. The Hotel was top notch. The only knock was that the food ( mostly the dinner buffet ) became tiring very quick. Breakfast was good, Lunch better, but dinner suffered....unless you ate at the otside restarant- by the pool ( you need a reservation for this). The food there was great, although the portions were a little small for us. Just ask for another helping, then you won't leave hungry. The beach was fantastic, but watch out for the huge waves- they can hurt you. My wife & I had a great time & would gladly go back again.
Just don't plan on doing any great scuba diving there - I dove twice & have logged them, but not the most exciting diving I've done - although the dive people were very good.
Any more questions - just email me & I will get back to you...

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