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Escrito por Greg in Alberta desde ( el día martes, 11 de enero, 2005 a las 22:57:35 horas :

En respuesta a: Green Flash? escrito por Jim Tolbert desde ( el día martes, 11 de enero, 2005 a las 16:31:54 horas :

We have been traveling to Ixtapa & Zihua since 1988. Many times were heard about the "green flash". I watched and watched and watched - till one day I caught myself thinking that I had probably spent a lot of time staring into the sunset looking for a tiny green flash when the splendor of it all is so much greater. Then finally 2 years ago - there it was. It occurred just as the sun disappeared into the depths and it lasted for only a split second. Since then I've seen it twice more - it's almost as if once you've seen it you know how and where to look for it. As a result I still find myself staring into the sunset looking for something so tiny.
I'll never forget our first sunset in Ixtapa. Coming from a northern climate we are more used to seeing the sun stay up half the night. Sunsets are beautiful but they take their time. In Ixtapa, because it is closer to the equator, they occur very quickly. It's magical - as if someone turns down the lights and says - Ok now it's time for dining and partying and romance. AHHHH -only 3 more weeks to wait!!!!

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