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Escrito por Ernie Gorrie desde ( el día viernes, 07 de enero, 2005 a las 14:00:35 horas :

En respuesta a: Troncones Day Trip from Zihua escrito por Terry desde (?) el día viernes, 07 de enero, 2005 a las 12:57:23 horas :

There are many beachside restaurants in Troncones where you can spend the day. You can select one based on your interests.

In the "downtown" area there are several restaurants operated by local people. Probably the best known are Costa Brava (north of the bridge) and Doņa Nica (south of the bridge).

The main restaurants that are more upscale, in the Troncones style, are El Burro Borracho and Tropic of Cancer Beach Club. ToC has the additional feature of a pool for cooling dips.

I haven't been into the restaurant at Mi Casa Es Su Casa, but it appears from the outside to have some interest.

Directly across the roadway from MCESC is Cafe Sol. Although it isn't beachfront, it offers some other advantages. The upper level has a nice ocean view and I hear the tacos there are memorable. The lower level is used more for breakfasts and coffee (good coffee) and is frequented by local gringos. So if you are interested in meeting some local community members it is a small, convenient place for a stop.

About 3 km. north (easily accessible by local taxi or "combi") is Playa Manzanillo. R. Manzanillo is a comfortable place to park for several hours. I've done it more than once when I thought I was only stopping for a couple of minutes.

Cocina del Sol at Posada Eden and The Inn At Manzanillo Bay both have fine restaurants near the beach.

Another kilometer or so and you are in the village of Majahua. Any of the three or four locally-owned restaurants there would be more than happy if you spent the day having a few beers or refrescos and something to eat. The restaurants include. R. Majahua, R. Los Brisas Mexicana, R. Los Angeles and R. Gladys.

The photo is the view you would have from any of the Majahua restaurants.

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