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Escrito por Roberto! desde ( el día viernes, 13 de mayo, 2005 a las 12:53:38 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Private Aircraft??? escrito por Elinda desde ( el día viernes, 13 de mayo, 2005 a las 10:39:24 horas :

Yes, there is a parking area for General Aviation aircraft. Last information I had was Jet A (1) & 100 low lead fuels were available on field. When I was at the airport last fall, I noticed some airplanes were tied down (bring own tie downs) but I couldn’t see if there were hangar or repair facilities in the area.

Security?? Here is a story of my adventure.
I had some time to kill at the airport so I nonchalantly ambled over towards the tower area to speak to the Comandante and scope the place out. Just as I got to an open gate, a civilian guard appeared out of nowhere and gestured for me to stop. I attempted, in my questionable Spanish, to explain to him that I was a pilot, owned an airplane, planned to fly down “el ano siguiente”, wanted to speak to the Comandante and check out the facilities. I guess something got lost in the translation because I wasn’t getting anywhere.
I decided to reinforce my position by whipping out my Air Crew card to prove I was a pilot but realized I was sunk when the guard tried to read it upside down. Of course during our conversation, I was doing a lot of hand gesturing and arm flapping (typical pilot) which, unbeknownst to me, attracted the attention of a military guard situated on the catwalk around the outside of the tower cab. I happened to glance up at the tower cab and saw the military guard (in full combat gear) watching the performance and he had his rifle pointed down but angled towards us.
It was obvious the Comandante wasn’t going to have the pleasure of my company that day as I did a lot of backpedaling, bowing, interspersed with mucho “lo sientos” as I beat a hasty retreat to the terminal building where I started inhaling the cold cervezas while waiting to pick up our friends.
Security, from my perspective, won’t be much of a concern.

I’m flying down in a Piper Cherokee 140 (picture of it at the link below in the Roberto! 2004 report), leaving the Vancouver Canada area on October 18, entering into Mexico at Nogales and then planning to fly down the coast to Zihua stopping off at various airports along the coast -- at least that is today’s plan.

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