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There are not too many companies to choose from. Ixtapa Aqua Paraides is a relatively new dive company. They have shops located in Z and Ixtapa. I dive all over and I found them to be very professional and very courteous. We have our own equipment - so we did not try theirs. However we saw them cleaning their equipment every day after lessons and classes. They appear to be newer equipment and by what we observed well taken care of. The boats for diving (and anything else) are very simple boats - You will do roll-back entries into the water. The captain will help you back into the boat when your dive in done (i.e. no ladders). The crew was very conservative with dives - the dive master will check the currents before you dive a site. Yes, the currents can be of concern where you are diving. However, like I stated they are very conservative - if the dive master does not like the site - they will move on.
I strongly suggest diving Morros De Potosi. Typically this dive requires at least 4 divers to sign up. It is about a 35-40 min boat ride to the site. They are the large granite rocks out on the horizon from the bay in Z.
At the time we dove - there were some significant thermoclines at about 45-50 feet down. The water on top was like a bath-tub and then down to about 77 at 50 feet.
The dive sites are on the pacific side. I am not sure of your diving history - if you have dove the Mexican Pacific side. If you have not - and you have dove other tropical areas (Cozumel, Hawaii, Belize, ect...) you may be disappointed. The seas are tough on this side of Mexico so it is difficult to form true coral reefs. Most are rock formations, and many have a silty bottom. However, it is a must do to see the contrast between the Eastern Coast of Mexico (The Mexican Riviera - Cozumel, Cancun) and this side. Most items to see are around 40-60 feet. Morros De Potosi you can go to 100+ if you wish - based on your comfort levels. This is the only place so far I have been able to see and/or find a sea horse.
Very interesting critters - do not move much. Ixtapa Aqua Paradise dive masters were very great at attempting to deliver things that you request to see. I love to look at Nudebranks (spelling?) and they found some for me. They also located the sea horses as requested.
We saw a lot of bottom fish and rays. We saw eagle rays breaching out of the water (flying like birds for short distances). I have seen this before and do not know why they do it - but it is something to see... Good Luck I hope you have fun and see the sea horses. Dive Happy.....

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