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Just a reminder for those driving into Mexico and back this winter through Nuevo Laredo.

What is referred to in U.S. travel books as bridge number 4 between Laredo (U.S.) and Nuevo Laredo (Mexico) is for trucks only. Cars cannot use this bridge.

It's possible to encounter serious delay if you get confused when returning to the U.S. because all the signage on the Mexican side of the border refers to this bridge as Bridge Number 3. You might think you are entering the U.S. on bridge #3, which is what all the signs on the Mexico side of the border say, but this is in fact what is referred to as bridge #4 in all the U.S. travel books. U.S. border authorities will send you back to Mexico.

In fact, while the U.S. refers to this commercial traffic only bridge as #4, Nuevo Laredo considers it to be bridge #3 because it was the third built in Nuevo Laredo. The bridge labeled on the U.S. side of the border as #3 is not in Nuevo Laredo. Go figure!

Yet another reason to drive a little out of your way and cross at the Pfarr bridge into Matamoros; a quiet little crossing with everything including vehicle permits right there in one place.

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