trip 7 -14 july to zihua

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Escrito por steve and jan desde ( el día miércoles, 28 de julio, 2004 a las 14:51:10 horas :

7th time down and second in summer for 9 trips. yes i lie zihua lots. stayede at cascada one bedroom. got it thru judith whitehead. all when smooth. i recommend to anyone using her. it was excatly as stated. a killer view of bay from terrace. clean, well equppped. 5 minutes to la ropa beaqch. arrived on frontier and was at patys at 310 pm. plane landed at 145 pm. a few cold ones , snacks and off to daniels for dinner.

daniels is classy but good food and good prices. plus daniel is really nice. he building a band b to open perhaps this winter season .

daily i when for long walks ending at 9 -10 at patys for the day. wife would arrive , oh perhaps before noon. bruch/lunch would follow with some more serious beach walking, swimming.

patys has a nice , finally finished bar area . happy hour 5 -7 pm. 2 for 1. yes, i had a few more sols.

ate at gaviotas near rossys. really good.

the fat mermaid--not so good . over priced fish tacos. seems quality gone down hill.

tamales ans atoles--i always get to much food. they had live music early friday night. was fun.

oriental express--i lived 4 year in philipines. esthela made us a special meal , the second time we when. really fun to talk with too.

casa bahia--just did one drink a beer , diet coke and a poor chamari snack for 90 p. so we moved on to daniesl again. had a grilled tuna steak . good service and square had some music going to.

weather was fine. mid 80s , some rain at night.

cascada is well maintained and secure. as an ex cop i take a close look at security. its fine.

all ready booked in to a place la madera for 18 dec -5 jan 05. first time in that area. owned by maris gloria apt folks on la ropa. it too is nice. everythinfg is titled, big pool , just a few rooms. actually its just an extention of their family home.

so it looks like we will continue a summer trip down now too. frontier from denver has good rates and schedule. hope it continues to get support.

steve and jan

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