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Escrito por Ernie Gorrie desde (?) el día jueves, 05 de mayo, 2005 a las 14:51:00 horas :

En respuesta a: Cab to Comercial Mexicana then Troncones... escrito por thakrza desde ( el día jueves, 05 de mayo, 2005 a las 11:45:11 horas :

Your plan is a good one. We recommend it to our guests, although our local property manager arranges their ground transportation for them. They can then leave their luggage at her place while they shop.

You will not be permitted to take your luggage into the shopping area at CM. You will either have to leave your luggage with one of your party outside of the shopping area or check your bags at the free bag check.

There is a small eating area outside the shopping area so it shouldn't be too much of a hardship for someone to wait with the bags. (The food is pretty much "7-11-type" hot dogs and heating-lights-pizza though.)

I have left knapsacks, bags and my camera at the bag check area in the past and everything has been fine.

BTW, the custom in Mexico is to tip the kids who pack your bags when you buy groceries. From what I understand, CM and others get around child labour laws by not paying these kids. They give them CM clothing and permit them to work for tips. (I hope this information is incorrect and that someone will tell me that these kids really are working legally. But some of them appear to be no more than 10 years old.)

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