Trip Report--Part two 6/27-7/4/2004

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Okay, to finish where I left off...
On Thursday we spent the day walking from one end of the Ixtapa beach to the other. The sand in front of our hotel (the Presidente) appears to be the finest and smoothest in that area. In the evening we returned to the shopping area in Ixtapa and had a lovely dinner at a place whose name I can't remember. It was around the left corner of Senior Frog's. The last resturant on the left. The people were very nice and the food was very good. On Friday we decided to go back to Zihua and to La Ropa and Los Gatos. This is where our trip took a very different turn. First we got our first talkitive cab driver. He took us to a beautiful lookout where we could see all of Ixtapa. Then he took us a back way into Zihua, where we could also see "the best" views of Zihua. He answered so many questions and gave us so much information about the whole area. We were told that La Ropa was only accessible by boat or cab, but that there was a walkway if we wanted to walk it. So we had him drop us at the basketball courts. BIG MISTAKE!!! We walk over to the walkway, we are told that is about a 30 minute walk to La Ropa. (I'm sure at this point some of you are laughing at us.) So we set out on foot--on what had to be a 95degree day--with no water and no food. I was in sneakers, but my husband was in slip-on sandels. We follow the beautiful walkway along the ocean. And after about 25 minutes we arrive at a small beach--but not La Ropa--the beach began with a M, and I can't remember what it was called. So we stop and get some water and try to figure out what we are going to do next. A woman tells us to go up the small hill to the street and follow it until you reach La Ropa--about a 20 minute walk. So we go up, take a look, and decide that yes it is steep--but we can do it. Little did we know. Nearly an hour and a half after we left the basketball court we arrived in La Ropa--soaked and exhausted. It was so hot, and so far, and so hilly. So we get to La Ropa--very lovely--and get some more water and relax a bit. We told our waiter where we walked from--he just shook his head and laughed. After we rested a bit, we asked about Los Gatos. He told us that we could walk there--but it was "a little rocky." So stupid us--figured why not--let's walk. My husband in his sandels, me sunburning by the second, (I am EXTREMELY fair.) While it was fun--in an insane adventure kind of way--it was far, and sometimes a bit dangerous. I really think this is why they call us crazy Americans. We then had a big meal at the first resturant on Los Gatos--we were to tired to walk any further. We then hired a water taxi to take us back to where we started. There were two young boys, one about 14 the other 9, on the pier. We told them we didn't have tickets--not knowing that we needed to buy them on the otherside. So we made a deal with them for them to take us back--first they said $200--and we said no. Then he said 100--much better--still more than the roundtrip--but we didn't have tickets. So the little boy jumps into the water, swims to a boat, and brings it over to us. HE--the 9 year old--drives the boat back to Zihua. We got back that afternoon, tired, smelly, and hungry to a message that our return flight has been cancelled and we need to go to the airline office before they close for the weekend. So we ran over there and got it all straightened out. On Saturday we went to Ixtapa Island. We explored all four beaches and went snorkling. So beautiful and fun. Then on Sunday we packed up and headed back to the real world.
This site has been great and all the information from it was very helpful. We really loved the area, and we will return again once we have children. There were so many places and things that were family-friendly. We can't wait to go back.

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