Trip Report Part 2 - The Wedding

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Escrito por Texas Chica desde ( el día sábado, 15 de mayo, 2004 a las 17:49:28 horas :

I had to dedicate an entire post to the wedding as a whole so you can get an idea of its planning and outcome.

I got engaged before Christmas 2003, and we had decided right away that we wanted to have a destination wedding. Belize and Ixtapa were our two choices -- the latter I had vacationed once. Ixtapa was our choice by closer proximity and my desire to go somewhere that I knew.

I did research and found someone on this board who had been married a year before at Las Brisas, where I had stayed before. She and her husband helped VERY much (thank you Anne and Jason!). I dealt with the hotel completly via email. Communications were slower than I would have liked at first, but once I put my deposit down, Carmen Mendoza, my assigned planner, answered me within a day of every request. Loads of options, everything was basically a la carte. The day I arrived, she met my fiance and I in the bar, bought us a round, and we discussed the final details and filled out all of the required legal paperwork.

The wedding itself was on Saturday the 8th. We were at the beach during the day and saw the setup at La Brisa II restaurant, which is closed during low season. My mother went with me to the hotel salon to have my hair put up. I was a little worried since I had no idea who the stylist was, but she did a great job!

Hector, the assigned photographer, came precisely at 6, and we did many family photos out in the hotel courtyard and on the way down to the wedding. The wedding was beautiful, just before sunset, and of course was a bit hot. A female judge performed the ceremony in Spanish, and my friend Pam translated to the audience of 20.

After the ceremony, La Brisa II was lit up with luminaries and twinkly lights. I had seleted a traditional Mexican buffet, which was delicious. A "romantic trio" played for the first hour, which was perfect for the mood. After dinner, my sister took over the CD player, and we danced the night away. Hugo and his staff were fun and very helpful bringing drinks, and at one point brought out complimentary tequila poppers for everyone. After the wedding, the few of us borrachos that were left all took a dip in the Presidential suite pools. Hugo brought what beer was left to our room for us, which we ended up taking with us to our honeymoon hotel.

Value wise - it was a great deal. The buffet was delicious and priced per head. We were allowed to purchase our own booze (from Commericial Mexicana) and paid a small corking fee for service. The photographer and florist were arranged by the hotel but paid separately. The flowers were beautiful, and Hector came to our honeymoon hotel later in the week with our album, which was FANTASTIC!

I can't say enough how wonderful a job Las Brisas did. I would recommend this over any traditional ceremony - it was much more intimate and fun!

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