Quick trip report 4-17 thru 4-24

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Escrito por Keith desde (cf2.mrt.starband.net) el día miércoles, 05 de mayo, 2004 a las 16:57:21 horas :

My husband and I went to Zihu for the first time 4-17. We stayed at the Villa Mexicana. I decided to post a report since you don't see much on this resort. It is not huge but very nice and clean. It isn't super fancy but it has all you need to feel comfortable and the price is right. We went through apple vacations and we only paid $522 for seven nights. It is right on the beach and has a resturant. We walked to various places for breakfast every morning. Ate with our feet in the sand. We attended the guitar fest a couple nights in which we found very enjoyable. A few places I would like to mention is on Las Gatas Beach go clear to the end to Amados. George will take very good care of you. Amado will also take you fishing and is the best. My husband caught a 200 lb Marlin and dolphins were swimming around the boat all day. I wasn't going to go with him but I am so glad that I did now. It was wonderful seeing the sun come up while being on the Pacific. Also our favorite place to eat was La Gula. Make sure you don't miss this place it is by far the best. We also really liked Daniels by the basketball courts. We are going to Playa Del Carmen in Nov. with our kids but I am having trouble with the vacation blues after being in Zihu. I miss it and find myself thinking about it all day. It seems like it was a dream, but I keep assuring myself that we are going back. By far the most relaxing vaction we have been on. Don't miss the sunset cruise as it is wonderful. If you want to snorkel go to Ixtapa Island. It was unbelievable. Alot better than snorkeling at Las Gatas. If you have any questions feel free to ask. It is still fresh in our minds.

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