Dont Get a "Henna Tattoo" !!

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Escrito por Cindy from Portland desde ( el día viernes, 22 de abril, 2005 a las 14:37:09 horas :

One day when I was on La Ropa I had a temporary tattoo painted on me. I was quite pleased with it and can be seen modeling it in one of my photos. Ok.. I ran across some info yesterday about these so called Henna Tattoos. They are not henna at all (henna is always red or brown not black) but are made with a very toxic, carcinagenic substance, para-phenylendiamine, that is sometimes used in Black hair coloring. Some people are VERY allergic to this will scar or worse from it.
I personally had no problems with mine, but I read a trip report by a fellow that visited in January and now has a permanent scar in the shape of a monkey. Incidently, this isnt just occuring in Mexico, Black Henna tattoos are also being offered in the US at street fairs/tourist destinations etc.


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