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Did you see my Local Maps page? Getting to Troncones is very simple. Finding your friend's lodging may be something else. ;~)

From the airport take the highway to the left heading northwest. It is called carretera nacional 200. Stay on it and about 30 kilometers from Zihuatanejo, after passing through the village of Buena Vista, your friend will see lots of signs and a police "module" at the intersection of the turnoff to Troncones. Follow the road to the waterfront and turn left or right as needed to find your lodging.

The easiest store to get in and out of is Comercial Mexicana. Look for the big sign and turn left off the highway. To get to Aurrerá is a bit more tricky due to the lack of an easy left-turn at that point in the highway. You have to go up to the light and do a U-turn.

There are links on the Maps page to a photo-journal by my amigo Ernie Gorrie showing the drive.

Hope this helps!

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