Exposing SnomaPete's Libel

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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde (dsl-201-154-128-206.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día martes, 21 de marzo, 2006 a las 10:40:59 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Daniel's escrito por SnomaPete desde (c-67-169-54-144.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) el día martes, 21 de marzo, 2006 a las 00:46:15 horas :

Now I must really question how you got your law degree, Frederick F. Peterson. It obviously isn't worth the paper it's printed on. How could anyone who purports to work with the law regurgitate such obviously libelous statements? But hey, maybe I should thank you for opening the door for me to be able to sue you here in Mexico and be rid of you once and for all.

Since you brought up the subject let's just lay the cards on the table and expose your libelous statements for what they are. And rest assured I have more than sufficient evidence and witnesses to back up my claims.

Judy "Travel Judy" McDermott first contacted me by e-mail about 6 years ago with questions about Zihuatanejo. I invited her to participate on my message board, which she did. When she came to Zihuatanejo I allowed her to use my computer for free to check her e-mail and participate on the message board. I listened to many of her fantastic claims about her sex life and terminal illnesses during her visits, and I just wrote them off to someone looking for attention and sympathy.

Then one year her husband became ill shortly after she arrived and she had to return home unexpectedly. The next year when she returned I no longer opened my office to the public, and apparently she took personal offense, I suppose at the inconvenience. During the time she spent with me in my office of course she became aware of the harassment my family and I were being subjected to by the gringo owner of the restaurant next door, your pal Joe. She saw the daily barrage of harassing garbage on my message board that he was allegedly and most apparently responsible for. At that time I had her full support and she saw Joe as the malicious egomaniac that he is known to be here in Zihuatanejo. But when she returned the next year and was no longer able to use my office for free internet access, she showed her true opportunistic self and sought free internet access next door at Joe's. She also immediately began to repeat Joe's patently false and slanderous claims about me to complete strangers and anyone who would listen including other readers of my message board, several of whom al3rted me to the problem. I let it pass for the first year, but the second year I kept receiving e-mails and visits from message board readers and other people to whom she had repeated her malicious claims about me while hustling tourists for her free meals at Daniel's. So I arranged a face-to-face meeting at Daniel's to lay the cards on the table and expose her and to simply ask that she cease from continuing her malicious fabricated comments about me, among them that I and another message board reader had put out a "contract" on her and that I was using my wife's supposed family influence to have her deported. She promised in front of Daniel and 2 other witnesses that she would cease, but two weeks later I received more reports from other visitors that she was telling the same malicious gossip about me, so I went to Daniel again to let him know what was going on, and he simply fired her for renegging on her promise since it also affected the image of his restaurant. There was no pressure from me or any supposedly influential family member of my wife's.

Unfortunately it didn't stop there, and Judy's malevolent gossip only became worse. She claims I went to Migración to have her deported. I did no such thing, though I did bring her name up while at their office on an unrelated matter, and they informed me of the process for filing a formal complaint, which I never did. I have no interest in meddling in her life, I simply want her to stop meddling in mine. But she is leaving me little recourse, as are you.

Now Judy is hustling at yet ANOTHER restaurant for her free meals and still telling visitors malicious lies about me, and here you are following suit, Petey.

I need no family influence from my wife to deal with the likes of people such as Judy, Joe or you. I find that people here are most willing to offer me their support to deal with such obvious slimeballs such as you three. Good-hearted and honest people are like that and freely offer their support to one another, though you probably wouldn't know that.

And Judy's newest employer is about to find himself in the same position as Daniel was a couple of years ago. I'm confident his response will be the same.

BTW, Daniel's is packed every day.

And regarding your other stupid comment, my Mexican nationality combined with my US nationality and my Canadian ancestry only makes me more completely North American than you, Petey.

Sorry, Petey, the good love, freedom and happiness I enjoy in my life makes me immune to malicious comments by envious creeps and clueless wonders like you. Take your garbage somewhere else, because you are no longer welcome here.

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