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Escrito por Stew desde ( el día lunes, 20 de marzo, 2006 a las 11:51:38 horas :

Lovely bustling city some what reminicent of Guadalajara but much narrower streets. Clean with a lovely Zocolo surounded by massive fortress like buildings & portocals. Lots of Museos. The finest Parque Zoological I have seen in Mexico. Large well kept enclosers fo the animals. Amimals seemed well cared for. Even saw a impromptude Ostrich ace in the huge Velt encloser. Picnic areas interplaced through out the grounds. Trains & trolleys to ride. Bus 4 pesos fron Historical. Admision 20 pesos. City has the most beggers of any I have visited in Mexico around the Zocolo. Lots of outdoor cafes to enjoy. All medium price hotels were full due to a Squash Tournament this weekend. Had the slowest service in my history in Mexico at a cafe , BUT WORTH the Wait as they served me that best white fish in this very long life! More Later! Of To MJs.

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