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Escrito por Davis in Texas desde ( el día viernes, 17 de marzo, 2006 a las 15:11:02 horas :

This board is very helpful. Maybe this trip review will help someone else.

Returned yesterday from a six-day stay at Melia Azul. Two adults, two children ages 12 and 9. We have visited several all-inclusives in Mexico previous to Melia Azul. The following is a summary of our impressions:

Rooms - We stayed in a junior suite (room 2201) which was very spacious, clean, and convenient to the pool and activities. Great pool and ocean view. Obnoxiously loud refrigerator (which we turned off at night). Occasional sewage smell emanating from (we believe) the drain in the bathroom. Housekeeping attempted to mitigate this problem with varying degrees of success. Had to call housekeeping for towels and washcloths a couple of times. Don't know why only one towel and one washcloth would be left for four people. 7 out of 10.

Food/Drink - Apparently my family is easy to please. The selection and quality of food was very good. Absolutely no complaints. We are accustomed to eating at upscale restaurants and were very pleased with the fare at Melia Azul. One note, The Oyster Bar, one of the specialty restaurants, closed this past Monday for structural renovations. We ate there Sunday evening. No idea when it reopens. 9 out of 10.

Staff - Consistently friendly and helpful. 10 out of 10.

Pools and activities - Excellent pools, lots of activities for the kids. Great people watching. Good drink service. 9 out of 10.

Beach - A little background may be helpful here. We live 500 miles from the nearest beach and the sand we are familiar with is generally airborne by forty mile per hour winds -- we are not beach experts. That said, we were fascinated with the beach. While some may refer to it as "muddy" we didn't see it that way. The color of the sand is milk chocolate with darker streaks -- all speckled with gold flakes. It has a very gradual slope and is relatively hard packed. The wave action stirs the sand up to the point where it may appear "muddy" but it is simply the sand in suspension. No disappointment here. 8 out of 10.

Isla Ixtapa - Spent a day at the island with the morning at Playa Coral (great snorkeling, lots of fish, but very rocky with strong waves) and the afternoon at Playa Varadero (calmer water, great sand for castle building). These two beaches are on opposite sides of the island but are within a short walk of each other because of the narrowing of the island. We were fortunate to run into a guy who calls himself Tony Macaroni, a great island guide who can arrange food, drink, snorkeling, and (I am convinced) any other activity you're interested in. Upbeat personality, "anything is possible" type of guy. And yet, we never felt a "hard sell" from him. His motto was "I make you happy, you make me happy". Maybe the best food we had on the trip. 10 out of 10.

Hope I haven't left anything out. We had a great time and Melia Azul did not disappoint.

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