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Escrito por Mike in Cup desde ( el día sábado, 04 de marzo, 2006 a las 22:55:54 horas :

A few thoughts after our 8th trip in the last 11 years to Zihuatanejo.

Dining: We managed to dine at a different restaurant each night we were there. Some standouts are:
La Cala – expensive. Spectacular ambiance, great service but the food didn’t quite live
up to our expectations.
Villa de la Roca – expensive. Lovely setting, good dining with cocktails and wine
Included in the price.
Rufo’s – moderate. A really nice open-air restaurant in La Madera. Great food at a
reasonable price.
La Gula –moderate. Always good. La Senora looks over the service like a hawk.
Casa Vieja – moderate. Great food, another doting senora who takes care of everything.

Bandido’s – got ripped off there on Stuper Bowl Sunday. $180 pesos for a shrimp
La Sirena Gorda- moderate. They have the best fish and shrimp tacos.
El Manglar – moderate. A wonderful place, the best fish fillet I had during our stay.
Tomales Any – inexpensive. Great food with good service. Dinner for 2 with
Cervesas was $85pesos.
Paty’s Mar y Mar – moderate. A great place for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
Daniels – moderate. Always reliable, their fish with spinach was very good.
Café Marina – moderate. A great place for breakfast but I don’t like meatloaf.

Cruise ships:
Only 2 arrived during our 2 week stay although the schedule said 4.
No real complaints except that they ruin the view of the bay.

La Barra de Potosi:
Spent a great day there. The usual efficient bus/truck combo.
We hung out at La Condesa, they have the best abalone I ever had.
I could spend all day watching the frigate birds diving for fish.

We met many other tourists – mostly from Canada and Minnesota.
I am sure there are other folks there but we just found the Canadians and Minnesotans to be very friendly.
Locals that I admire:
Elodio at Villa Mexicana. He is the groundskeeper. He works very hard and keeps the area spotless. If you stay there consider giving him a tip.
Jose at El Arrecife restaurant on Playa Los Gatos. Just an all around nice guy.
Ephrem – the guy in charge at Villa de la Roca, very friendly.
Eloisa – at the reception desk at Villa Mexicana.. Very polite and pretty.

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