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Escrito por Mary1951 desde ( el día sábado, 18 de febrero, 2006 a las 11:23:19 horas :

Well sad to say my 2 weeks in paradise have come to an end and I am now back in snow and cold . The weather was too perfect with just a few clouds a couple of days .Walking the beach one morning I saw dolphins, swimming in all their glory , and I got to watch a private show , the way it was meant to be . No tanks or trainers !I spend hours watching the birds diving for fish and was always amazed how when they dived they always came up with a fish .
We walked a lot and spend time in Zihua , the niciest and most friendly place in the world . The town is like a post card and I never tire of going to there . This is my third time and am all ready thinking of next year .
We stayed in Ixtapa at the Barcelo and this hotel is great . The service is wonderful , food good , with maybe the exception of the supper buffets , but then we enjoy going out to supper to one of the many great restaurants , so that for us was not a problem .

So now I am back and have my memories of the most beautiful sunsets and sun rises in the world to carry me over until the next time I am back in God's choicen place . If any one wants to see pictures just e-mail me and I will send you an invitation to view them .
Have a great day all.

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