Trip Report-day 7

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Escrito por TT from MN desde ( el día domingo, 12 de febrero, 2006 a las 22:06:07 horas :

Day seven trip report. A day at the Palapa. Note to self, use more sunscreen! The weather today was outstanding, no clouds, calm winds this morning with a gentle breeze starting this afternoon. Warmest day so far! In between dozing off and walks on the beach I studied my AKC rulebook and re-read my judging handbook for upcoming judging assignment at Cocker Spaniel B-match. Update on injured boogie board guy is that he has 2 compression fractures in the spine and is being sent home today heavily sedated. Good luck to him as we wish him well. Part of his group stopped by to thank us for the help. For those of you that have e-mailed me with questions, I will try to answer, but e-mail going through to the states is spotty. I will try to answer all when we get back on the 18th. Ocean was calmer today. Breakfast at Chili Beanís again, and it was good and reasonably priced. Part of our group went to Villa De La Selva tonight, while we went to El Mediterraneo. Tuna sushimi for me and the manicotti for the wife. I sampled herís and it was really good. Also ceaser salad for both and flan for desert. The basketball court was teeming with activity tonight and all the street vendors were filling the air with good aromas from a variety of foods prepared in front of you. The homemade flan cart had slices big enough for 2. Ya, I could eat one by myself. We checked out the locat1on of Las Braceros and Tomales Any as we will be going there next week. I will give a report on VDLS dinner (from other half) tomorrow. As well as a report from our traditional upcoming Valentines Day dinner there later this week. Off to Los Gatos tomorrow, hope that there are no cruise ships lurking about. Iím too lazy to check the boat schedule. More to come!

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