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Escrito por Las Gata's fun / hot hike desde ( el día jueves, 19 de enero, 2006 a las 15:27:18 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: What's With the Lighthouse escrito por dan in mn desde ( el día jueves, 19 de enero, 2006 a las 11:03:23 horas :

Otilla's is the second to last restaurant on the beach, I believe & you will see the sign that identifys it.

I recommend you ask Franco if there is someone who speaks english & spanish that could guide you up all the way to the light house for a $5 dollar tip.

Then if they are really good at answering your questions of all the cool stuff you will see, you could give them more :)

I thought it was more like 40-45 minutes up and 25 down but maybe we moved slower due to all the stuff to see and the fact that it was always a hike up ...but not terribly steep.

With soft feet, it could be done in flip flops but better foot wear or secure sandals would help.

You will definitly want the water bottle & the camera but there will usually be a really nice breeze to cool you when you get with a few hundred yards of the light house.

There is definitely no trail that goes _around_ that point from Las Gatas you will see from the vantage at the light house.

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