Playa manzanillo..not the road well travelled

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There are 2 Manzanillos, my wife and I have visited both recently. The first was a 5 hour hike with snorkeling gear etc which is dangerous to walk and may lead to a divorce.
Manzanillo beach is usually accessible by boat only and is situated north of Playa Larga and round the corner south of La Ropa beach. There's a beautiful new road which now overlooks Las Gatas bay and is truly one of the most invigorating walks, especially first thing in the morning. On this walk you can see parrots, grey jays and chichalakas which is surely the noisiest bird on the planet.
But the road is a dead end.. jungle.
This new development looks like it will continue to rape the surrounding hills for decades to come and eventually make it's way to the airport.
So if you want to get to Manzanillo beach on foot here's what you have to do. With your back to the ocean on La Ropa beach road walk in a straight line and you'll pass La Dolce Vita restaurant where Jimmy Mamou plays on a Saturday. Go straight across the road and follow the dirt road past the waterworks and hang a right up the mountain.
There's a tiny path through the corn field at the top of the mountain down to the ocean.You'll know where it is as there a little farmer's hut where the 3rd donkey of the walk hangs out. A machete is handy to have as you'll walk through elephant grass. Watch out for snakes...big ones.
Follow the river bed to the noise of the ocean. Take an extra bag as you'll find corals galore on this beach where only 12 people a year visit there. You'll hear a strange sound as the smaller beach rocks wash back and forth with the tide. Walk over the moving beach rocks without breaking a leg and somehow scale the beach hill and walk to the second beach to the south and voila... you're at Manzanillo beach!
Once there you'll see the $15 a head snorkellers brought by boat from Zihua. You'll smile with smug satisfaction knowing you didn't take the easy route.
The terrific shade on the beach is afforded by the deep green olive leaves on the lush manzanillo trees. Unfortunately the way to the ocean is guarded by coral and there's only one small path to and from the beach for swimming and snorkeling and it, too has coral. So you have to almost walk on your hands out to the deeper water.
When your partner refuses to go back the same route you'll follow the beach road south over the mountain. You may see the odd 4 x 4 vehicle on this rough road but we didn't. So we walked...and walked until we came to a rifle range.
There's another road which leads to another beach which we passed before we eventually came out at the little flower and landscape store on the airport road. We boarded a bus with a harpoon and machete on the way back to La Ropa.

The second story is more straight forward, we drove a hire car to Troncones turned right to Manzanillo Bay. Experienced the sublime homes and the ridiculous road to arrive at a beach that could be confused with paradise. Had a wonderful day there, red snappers for six at the Palapa. Thanks to Hugo for a great relaxing day.
Better to drive someone elses car there until they install a compulsory car wash.
Thanx for asking the question and allowing me to share this info.
Here's an unrelated link about the manzanillo tree...

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