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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día martes, 10 de enero, 2006 a las 17:36:38 horas :

En respuesta a: Barra de Potosi escrito por Cathy in San Francisco desde ( el día viernes, 30 de diciembre, 2005 a las 19:41:01 horas :

I've been so busy with this high season... thus missing the board here for a while. I do feel compelled to rely to this issue.

Having lived in La Barra for around 9 years now I can say that our beach is still a nearly (if not totally) pristine and quiet amazingly beautiful beach.... WITH the exception now I must sadly agree... of the (Over)crowds at Christmas week and Easter week and worse now bringing along this fad -if that's what it is- of ATVs on the beach as entertainment.

I am in contact with my friends and neighbors in La Barra about this phenomenon. The definite majority hate these things on the beach. I have personally (with my best courtesy and smiling behavior) on several occasions informed atv drivers (we are talking about tourist visitors not locals) that the presence of motorized vehicles on the beach at La Barra is illegal and that the local people would really appreciate their respecting that and finding someplace else to use them.

Contrary to the belief that this might be met with resentment, I have been thanked by the enramada restaurant owners themselves, other Mexican tourist visitors at the restaurants and La Barra neighbors for doing this... though it didn't result much on most of the occasions (once they respectfully parked them for the rest of the day). I will continue to do this every time I happen to be at the beach and I see one. I will also continue to tell the police of their presence and ask for them to enforce the law. I believe if everyone would do this, or atleast let the restaurant owners know of your feelings, it would help... especially if you say you may not return or recommend the area for this reason.

However, the most effective means may be many comlaints to Profepa.

Just because this fad has arrived at Mexico doesn't mean all Mexicans love it... on the contrary it is a much discussed (in complaining tones) topic among my neighbors in La Barra as a problem that needs to be gotten rid of. ... and I'm talking about the Mexican locals in the village and the restaurant owners.

Please help by contacting the agencies given by Scott in his very helpful email. The more complaints received by these agencies by tourists the better. I do believe that they will be history soon.

... and please take into account in this discussion that we are talking about a select couple of weeks for the most part... Christmas week and Easter week. The rest of the time we are still enjoying the tranquil loveliness of an incredible expanse of unspoiled beach.

Hasta pronto,

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