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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día viernes, 08 de abril, 2005 a las 11:30:56 horas :

En respuesta a: Zihua to Patzcuaro escrito por KW desde ( el día viernes, 08 de abril, 2005 a las 11:22:48 horas :

I'd go to the bus station the day before to buy tickets, but it probably isn't necessary. Just show up at the bus station a good 45 minutes or so before the bus is scheduled to depart and you should have no problem. I don't believe there is currently that much demand for bus seats to Pátzcuaro.

If I understand correctly what has been posted here by others who have made the trip, you'll need to go to Uruapan and change buses there, or else grab a taxi for $200 or so pesos from Uruapan to Pátzcuaro.

I'm sure you'll be hearing from Stew on this. He made the trip recently.

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