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Escrito por Vicki Rothman desde (?) el día lunes, 14 de noviembre, 2005 a las 19:22:16 horas :

My husand and I spent a week in mid May at a resort in Zi. While there, we came across a tiny wild kitten living on the beach in front of the resort. He was scrawny as he wasn't being fed so we befriended him and started feeding and talking to him several times a day. He warmed up to us and we ending up catching him and ultimately bringing him back to California with us where he joined our existing canine and feline family.

All that was required was to take him to a local veterinarian for a checkup, defleaing/deworming and a health certificate. He was too young to have shots. The vet got a carrier for us, we bought a ticket on our flight (very reasonable) and he flew home with us. The vet appointment took maybe one hour, a short phone call to the airlines and we were able to save a life and add Paco to our family. Mexican customs checked out the paperwork, he rode under my seat on the plane and US customs didn't want to see anything.

He's turned into a beautiful young cat, is totally socialized and has a great life.

Please if you see a homelesss cat or kitten that is friendly, please consider adopting them and taking them home with you, wherever your home is. It's an easy thing to do, doesn't cost very much and the rewards are far and above any financial considerations. Most people think they can't bring animals back to the US, but as you can see from my story, it's a relatively simple thing to do.

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