Trip report Oct 22-29

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Oct 22-29

This has been the week of the butterflies! Millions of them, mostly medium size and white.

The vegetation this time of year is certainly in contrast to what you see in the Jan-Mar time frame which is generally the dry time of the year and brown is the predominant color in a lot of areas. At the present time we have just come out of the rainy season so the countryside is just wonderfully green and lush.

Did some more experimenting with wi-fi setup on the beach this week. Still have some more research to do in this area. Otto has discovered that Palm trees, even the fronds, interfere with the satellite antenna radiation path as well as the buildings. The construction method here is, as most of you know, a lot of re-bar held together with some cement and those radiation patterns are blocked and bent by the buildings.

By the way it was pointed out that in one of my posts that I may have inadvertently implied that Mexico is a third world country. Of course I know it is NOT and I apologize for my poor choice of words.

Hotel Barra de Potosi update: There is a painting crew hard at work. There is a small but sufficient stock of supplies available in the reception area. The pool area is clean but I donít think they are running the filter consistently during this time of the year. The restaurant is open with an enramada-type menu and full bar. Prices competitive with the village enramadas. The proprietor also makes up some special dishes. Hours: Daily 8 -6. Breakfast, lunch and early dinner.

I understand Laura is back and revving up for the coming season. She has the lodging establishment in the village but I am writing this offline and donít have her website. Help me out here somebody.

Only one run of Jurels this week and I didnít get to the beach in time. They move fast laterally on the beach and I just canít chase them like I did a few years ago.

Dinner at Brisamar (enramada 300 yards south of Villas Playa Blanco). I had the Red Snapper En Talle which is a special way of filleting and barbecuing in this region. Delicious!

Porpoises seem to be more prevalent this time of year. Small schools roaming up and down the beach. Mosquitoes are less than the usual annoyance. They donít bite my wife but I am the evening smorgasbord for them! The very small tan ones are the pits as they are hard to see. The larger black variety respond better to repellent and at least you know when they are on you.

Named the large iguana at my friendís house Lord Jim. He comes out daily on his feeding rounds. We have some beautiful birds in the deciduous trees near our bungalow. They are bright yellow and black, somewhat similar to an oriole. Also some type of gray and white jay(?).

Oh, yes, I did go to Zihua with a friend last Tuesday and indeed there has been road maintenance on the gravel portion of the road to Los Achotes and the beach road cutoff from the Airport (just the portion that parallels the airport security fence).

There isnít any evidence of new construction other than Bungalows Solecito so the area isnít going into a boom-time as near as I can tell. Welcome news for a lot of us!

Bernie of Bernieís Bed & Breakfast, aka Playa Calli, has returned from Mexico City for an eye operation. We plan to visit him in the next few days.

Nothing else for now. Hasta Semana! (or something like that).

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