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This is a long, long report….you have been warned!

My husband went to Zihuatanejo and Barra de Potosi the first week of June. I want to thank everyone on this board for posting their comments. We used your advice, along with Trip Advisor, and had a fabulous vacation.



Stayed the first two nights at the Casa Don Francisco at the end of La Ropa Beach. Very lovely place. We had the La Langosta Suite, which was up a long flight of stairs. The room was spacious, clean and had a great view of the Zihu Bay. The deck was huge and had a hammock and a little table with chairs. The dual shower had open-air windows (screened) overlooking the bay. Our suite did not have a pool, but some of the other suites did. Not having a pool was ok since no one ever seemed to be hanging out at the main pool, so I always had it to myself. There are only 8 rooms, so this hotel is quiet and serene. The locat1on is perfect.

The grounds were lush and beautiful. The staff was very nice. Erika even arranged to have breakfast for my husband available earlier than normal one morning, since he was leaving to play golf before the breakfast would be ready at 8:00…I thought that was so great. The price of the room included a breakfast each morning with a choice of cereals, fruit, breads, coffee, orange juice, etc. .


Because everyone raved about Tamales Any, we decided our first meal should be there. The food was outstanding! My husband had two different kinds of tamales, which he polished off without any problems. I am not a tamale fan, but found I really liked these. They weren’t gritty like the ones I get at home. I had a chili relleno with cream poured over it. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The meal with drinks came to about $23 US.

We had lunch the next day (and dinner…very long story) at La Perla and the food was very good. We had the chicken and shrimp tacos and of course lots of guacamole. Service was very good and of course the view is awesome.


So, after two nights in Zihu it was time to move to the town I could not pronounce (just for the record, I learned how to pronounce it by the time I left!) We took a cab to our home for the next four nights, Hotel La Palmas. As we pulled into the grounds of the hotel, all I could think of was WOW! When you walk through the large doorway you see the beach and the ocean and the beautiful hotel lobby, bar area. What a sight. We were immediately greeted by Shari, the owner! They quickly had our bags taken to room number 4 (the last room on the left) and she showed us around our room. The room looked out onto our private patio, which looked over the grounds of the hotel and then over to the beach and ocean. The rooms come equipped with a CD player, which was so nice to have. The open-air bathroom was perfect. As you shower, you look out the window onto palm fronds…truly magical. Our room had air-conditioning (all four rooms downstairs do) and a fan. The lights in the rooms are on dimmers, so you can have as much or as little lighting as you want. There was tons of storage space. Very, very clean.

The room included a breakfast each morning. You could have your food in your room (with advance notice) or in the restaurant area. The choices were really great. You started with a fruit plate each morning, then had a choice of yogurt, cereals, eggs, bacon, pancakes, etc.

You could have dinner each night at the hotel for $25.00 per person. There was always a great variety to choose from. The food was outstanding and there was tons of it. Dinner came with soup, salad, bread, the main course and dessert. We also ate great lunches at the hotel….get the chili rellenos, you won’t be sorry. And the paublano (I know I am not spelling this right) sauce they make for the tuna is amazing! And did I mention the chili rellenos?

The hotel has bicycles that you can ride into town. It took us about 35 minutes to get into Barra and the ride was so much fun. The people were supper friendly, always smiling, waving or greeting us. When we arrived into town, we parked ourselves at La Condessa and proceeded to spend a few hours, eating, drinking and swimming. For some reason, the bike ride back to the hotel seemed to be harder. I am not sure why, since I thought the couple of shots of tequila and all that good guacamole and shrimp would give me the energy to make it back J.

The purpose of the trip, besides for eating and drinking, was to celebrate my 40th birthday. Shari and Scott (owners) helped make my entrance into my 40’s a memorable one. We had dinner family style that night where we all sat together. We had ribs, coleslaw and home made macaroni…. what great food and great conversation. Oh yeah, and my favorite part of the night, getting my fake tattoo. Too much fun!

This small slice of heaven is a perfect place for a honeymoon or just a place to get away. The staff is awesome, the setting is phenomenal and frankly I can’t think of a better place to be. And, if you are a golfer, Shari will arrange for a taxi to either golf courses (my husband liked the Marina best since it was the more challenging course, but thought Omar…the caddy at the Palm Real…was outstanding).

Oh, and the beach is the best. It is long and isolated. I walked it each morning and never saw anyone. Even during the day, we would see only a few people walk by.


This was one of the best trips we ever had. What a fabulous place! Oh yeah, we will be back.

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