Wonderful time ( long and wordy)

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Someone suggested I post a little trip report so I will try since my plan for the beach has gone a little south today.

I arrived last Wednesday and was met at the airport by my local family. Julian was the same happy faced little guy he was when I left in March.(3 and a half) When he sees me looking for my luggage he crouches down and waves and waves at me. I think that he thinks that I can see him better. When I crouch down and wave back he claps his hands in delight because he knows I see him. His older sister valeria waves but she is too reserved to do the ¨lets crouch down thing¨.

Something strange to me is happening at the airport. Coming INTO Zihua people have to put their luggage onto a conveyer belt for an x-ray before pushing the stop or go. I do not know what it is for, nor do I have a problem doing it. Just thought it was worth a mention. I push the button and green is my color so on I go to hugs and kisses and lots of laughing as we make our way to the car. All the time I am wondering will all this luggage fit into my little Neon. A few pushes and tugs later we are loaded and head for home. Only one new stop light.

When we arrive I am pleased to see we have had a new paint job on our house and also on the building across from me. I do not know which I am more pleased about. Our house was still looking ok but the building across the road had probably not been painted in 15 years or more and really was sad. Now it is a happy yellow and much more pleasing to look at.

Opening suitcases is always a big thing and usually I have some help from the kids. They are always excited to see if something has the look of them. Gifts were passed out and then Julian was the one who chose our first dinner place. He chose La Mordida because he is fond of chicken wings and baked potatoes. By then time we finished our food he was asleep and had to be carried to the car.

All the plants at my house have been taken very good care of by Julio and Osiria. Osiria is expecting their third child so Julio has taken over the chore of all the watering and keeping the plants healthy. He is a good man.

Thursday was spent talking, playing and doing things with the kids. I took a little time out to have a drink with one of the folks I have met on the message board. I decided to make dinner at my house so I had to make a quick trip to Commercial Mexicana to pick up enough for an Eggplant and pasta dish. Oh! I can not forget the mashed potatoes. That is the first thing Julian wants me to make. He and mashed potatoes have a real history.

Friday was a really special day for all of us. Franco, who is one of the waiters at Otillia´s on Las gatas beach, was having a 15th birthday party for his daughter, Anna Karen. First we went to the church in Agua de Corea. All of the families were there as well as many friends. Anna Karen was dressed in a dress with flowers of many colores embroideried on the bodice and the skirt was of lavender lace material over a darker lavender fabric. Her hair was pulled back and up and I must say I have never seen her look more lovely. She was all smiles and we took lots of pictures. (When I get home I will try and put a picture on the board)

At 9:00 that night the party was at the central social at Cocoayule. I estimate that there were at least 400 guests or more at this party and the music was happening. The tables were round and seated 10 people at each one. Each table was decorated with flowers in the center and candles in votive decorative pieces. Guests are expected to take home the flowers, candles and votive decoratives as reminders of the party. Over each white table cloth were lavender covers and each of the chairs had white covers with lavender fabric and ribbons as accents. Hundreds of purple, white and lavender balloons were made into designs surrounding the dance floor. The cake was 10 cakes the largest on the bottom and changing to smaller sizes until we were talking about 4 feet high from the top of the table. Needless to say the cakes were made with white frosting with purple and lavender flowers covering most of them. (Has anyone guessed yet what the favorite color of Anna Karen is?) The whole party was video´d using two different cameras. One of the cameras was connected to a huge screen so that we all could watch what was happening live on screen at the same time we were trying to watch what was happening all around us. Anna Karen had 4 escorts and they put on a little show for the crowd dancing to several songs. After they danced then Anna Karen danced with her father, Franco, and lots of the men there at the party It was quite the sight. Then the music really started and the dancing began.

Soda´s and bottles of alcohol were passed to each table and beer was served to all. There seemed to be about 8 or so men who did nothing but make sure that you had all the beer, ice and alcohol that you could deal with.

About midnight a dinner of barbaque beef, rice, salsa, and tortillas was served. The beef was tender and very tasty.

We stayed until about 1:30 and we had to head for home. I was told the next day that the party did not end until about 5 in the morning.

We were rather tired since we had attended another birthday party for a little girl between the church and the party for Anna Karen.

On Sunday I was up early to make potatoe salad for a group of 30. I had been invited to another birthday party. Luz Maria and her father share the same birthday. She was 64 and he is a still moving 98. The party was at her home around the pool and her son cooked the meats. Some of us ladies brought food. We had a wonderful bean dish, rice, salsa, guacamole, and for desert a tres leche cake and also a cheese cake. My potatoe salas was a hit) A few shots of tequila here and there and we all had a good time.

Then to when I posted that I had a great day at Playa Larga and asked what more could you ask for. In responce was "trip report" so that is what you have here.

Yesterday I went to Las Gatas and to Otillia´s for more fun in the sun. Franco was back at work after the big party over the weekend. I had cameronillas and some chip and dip and met some nice folks here for a visit from Houston. Our day was cut short when the port captain closed the port due to the storm coming this way. We left Las Gatas about 3:00 instead of the usual 5. The day was not hot and sunny but we did not have any rain until long after we were home.

Took a walk on the beach last evening and ran into Santiago and Maui and went to dinner at Caprichio´s with them. Always nice to run into good friends here. Rained some during the night and was looking like a sunny day today until about 9:30 this morning. Has rained fairly steady with the sun coming out a few times. Do not see any beach time today happening.

Oh! sometime during into my travels I ran into Rob and Lupita. They are both well and with smiles welcomed me to Zihuatanejo.

My Mother comes tomorrow and I expect she and I will be busy with lots of visiting and things that she enjoys.

Hope this has been informative for all you who read it. At least enjoyable.

Please have Stew do a spell check for me as I do realize I am not a good speller.

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